Fence Installation School - Mansfield, TX

When:  Apr 10, 2024 from 09:00 to 18:00 (ET)

Fence industry professionals will participate in an extraordinary team-based learning experience focused on leadership development and exploring the strategies and tactics necessary to IGNITE business growth. Participants and facilitators will be a mix of suppliers and contractors, each with their own unique insights and experiences, all committed to helping one another grow as leaders and develop the knowledge and skills necessary for personal and professional success. 


You’ll Learn How To 


  • Develop a strategic approach to sales and marketing, optimized for your business 

  • Translate your company strategy into clear sales objectives, processes, and metrics 

  • Define your target market and the best methods for reaching customers 

  • Build a high-impact sales team to drive your business forward 

  • Establish a growth mindset and the flexibility to modify strategies in a rapidly changing fence industry 


Why You Should Attend 


  • You will expand your personal and professional network in the fence industry. 

  • You will develop meaningful relationships with professionals from various backgrounds. 

  • You will connect with like-minded peers who will help you develop new insights into your business challenges and career journey 


The Experience 


In a lively combination of expert presentations, small group discussions, and personalized reflection, you will examine the relationship between your leadership style, marketing and sales processes, and your company’s goals. With focused insights into how successful fence companies envision growth, empower team members, and enhance their processes, you’ll be prepared to create a growth culture and attain new revenue levels for your company. 


You as a marketing and sales leader 

  • Define your leadership strengths 

  • Create a personal plan for developing sales and marketing competencies 

  • Define your values and how they affect your decision-making 

  • Discuss your communication and influence style 


Create strategic vision and design a comprehensive sales plan 

  • Establish a strategic vision for sales and marketing success 

  • Define how your products and services produce value for customers 

  • Set your offerings apart from competitors, without lowering your price 

  • Identify your desired customer, along with goals for winning, retaining and 

Develop a sales system to achieve your goals 

  • Define the right sales tasks and your model selling behaviors 

  • Implement an effective recruitment and training experience to power the system 

  • Build the team dynamics that will optimize sales performance 


People, Processes, Infrastructure and Culture 

  • Strategies for turning a vision and strategy into a sales-oriented culture 

  • Design effective forecasting models, goal-setting activities, and success celebrations 

  • Leverage technology to improve marketing and sales processes 

  • Using feedback from customers to improve the customer experience 


940 S 6th Ave
Mansfield, TX 76063-2725